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Padma Zeeland
Padma is the place in Zealand (The Netherlands) where  for many years various activities take place when it comes to a conscious and healthy way in life. Varying from Yoga, Tai Chi, Shin do, Aikido, system and family constellations to (Buddhist) philosophy and meditation. But also various treatments such as Cranio Sacral, Bio-release, Trager, Ayurvedic treatment, Body Stress Release, TRE (Tension Release Excercises), and Osteopathy are provided here.
Synergy develops products in partnership with the above activities.
Interesting initiatives are offered, both for companies / organizations as well as for schools, universities and individuals. Especially for (personal) development in areas such as physical, mental, social and spiritual, but also with regard to nutrition, nature, environment and ecology.
Through collaboration with experienced teachers and therapists, an integrated approach is realized.
Synergy also facilitates Padma in the area of ​​audio, video, lighting, live streaming, video on demand, but also furniture and catering equipment.
Ronald Heij. The common thread in his career and life is his fascination with communication and human consciousness, combined with the experience of the quality of life. He has worked as a counselor, coach and trainer in education, health, welfare and business. Has several degrees and courses completed in these areas. Include a position in the field of career development, counseling, vocational and career research, individual counseling and training since 1995. He worked as a management consultant in the field of human and labor, his approach was characterized by creative and outside the box and achievable advice. Balance and vitality are thereby always key words for him. The main learning experience he finds practice, life itself. Every day!



Nov 2017
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